Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"

Great game.1 Huge problem

This game has a huge modder(AKA Hackers) problem.you need to crack down and start whippin out some sorta ban hammer on people who cheat.Its becoming harder and harder to find a game where sombody isnt a speeding stickman or using a rapid smack sledge hammer in this game.Im sure it is very easy to cheat in this game,(What?With it being so easy to make mods for Halo2!) this games biggest problems that need to be taken care of right away are as follows-
1.A ban system.
2.A way to report cheating players.
Also,A medpac or some health recovery item that is scarce on maps would be nice aswell.

Excellent fighting game. And it's multiplayer to!

This was a great game. No, really it was a great game. And, not only is the killing so awesome, but it's even more awesome that the game is a multiplayer game so that when you kill someone, it's a real someone. I just love that. Good job dude. Real good job. Please make more games like this one, because I think it's great!

sweet game

man this game is dope the ak is the best and i love the guns in it great game

nice stick game

its nice i like cool stick games or movies,but it neds some new features maybe fighting moves and make it look more 3D and more cools weapons.

xgen should really fix this game of hacking

people keep hacking the game