Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"


this game OWNS,if u cant play on ng play it on xgen

this game is excellelnt

i love this game its very interesting and fun to play with your friends the choice of weapons is good and has excellent graphics and if u dont like blood u can just turn it off and is encredibly funny when some1 dies and the message it shows e.g some1 duck hunted some1

p.s r u xgen studios coz if u are im a big fan off ur games and if ur not xgen studios u stole it from xgen studios

Hey you,

This game is online, not an AI game. Oh well, great game. I liked the XGEN Studios version better, because you can sign in and make an account, but it is still a good game. I pw3ned everyone on that game. look for me. sasukekun123.


i myself have played this plenty before it was added to newgrounds and i love the game exept for 2 things
1. the unrelyibilty to log in and i usually kicks u out of some games
2. there are cheaters in the game who use mods and that makes it unfair and very boring after 5 minutes
but otherwise its a fun game and my name is bankotsu2710 on it if you wanna chalange me


I gave this a 10 because it can't be improved...it's perfect, fun, filled with hackers...it's just like any retail Shooter. I love the bird's eye view which just makes the game more tactical. Excellent game overall (and it leaves everyone dashing for the AK-47).