Reviews for "Stick Arena (NG)"


I never thought that you could make a multiplayer flash game, this is really cool, I am glad you got front page and it would be bullshit if it wasn't, well it is a fun game and imma play it some more l8ter.

Sweet game but....

I was registered and that and everytime I go to log on it says something is not correct with my user name and/or password when I typed it in correctly.


It's a great game but them main version on your guys site seems to be down. It won't let me log in or create an account. Please fix it soon I love this game

Multiplayer?!?! Impressive.

This game is simply amazing. And err..... Vampire, WTF with hackers?! There's no hackers, you simply suck lol.

Great job, but I must ask a question or two

Before I ask a couple of important questions, I'll just say what an amazing job you've done. Having played your games before, I expected something fun and original, but not of the highest standard. This, however, is a cut above most other flash games. The best thing about it is that you haven't done what most people do and let the game be spoiled by one strategy or weapon that's imbalanced. Everything is very well worked out, so that the game runs smoothly and is very playable.

Question time: Is there any way to freeze those adverts above and to the left of the screen? My computer isn't slow, but the game can become very lagged by the animation of those ads.

Second question: This is more like information than a question really. When reporting a hacker, I suddenly get the message that I'm lagging too much, even when I haven't been before. The message forces the report box to close and then suddenly I can't move! If this is a bug, maybe you could fix it, and thus make it easier to report hackers. If it's a hacker trick, then I guess the game has big trouble on it's hands.

If you read this I'd appreciate a response. But in any case, keep up the great work!