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Reviews for "The Ultimate Orgy"

like the end

first part is scarey and is awsome


Well, usually when I see something with this kind of humor in it, I turn away and go "They can do something better than make homosexual flash animations." But I must admit, this parody of the Ultimate Showdown was highly entertaining. I thought it was hilarious how you had Michael Moore screwing George Bush untop of a (crashing?) airplane, and how you shoved "Pee Wee" jerking it in there, because that's so accurate of him. O_o

Of course, you are awesome for including Ron Jeremy.

Good work!

hilarious movie!!!!

i liked the original and i like how u made it all rhyme and this is a very hilarious sexual movie

Sweet Jesus!

I don't think I've seen that many dicks in that short amount of time.
You win!
You and (the person who sang it)! :-)

Oh, by the way, thanks for including me in that man pile! I'll show all of my friends. Except those under the age of 18.


man, that was soo fucking funny. 5/5 definitely and straight into my fav's!! lol