Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"


i cant belive its out i love theses videos that one was by far the best great work guys.

My abs hurt...

This is the first episode of you guys I have seen and I laughed my ass off at the complete randomness of it all.

Then I realized hey! This is episode 5 that means there is a whole other 4!!! FUCK YA THERE IS!!

So I just finished watching those and I can say my abs actually hurt from laughing so hard. One of the random things that had me laughing was your blow up penis pictures hanging on the wall. Wow.

The graphics are perfect, the sound is flawless, its a style I wish I saw more of, and was the funniest shit I have ever seen. Except maybe that guy who ate a whole box of exlax and took a shit while running at full speed. That was really funny too :P

I could rave about this series all night but alas I need to watch them again.

May jesus turn all your water into beer,



*orgasuming off of laughter

well done

funny as hell

dude that wasnt really like the end of your series was it? if not, i cant wait for the next episode (which will probably take another 4 months) but oh boy i can't wait (another 4 months) so i'm gonna freeze myself (for 4 months)! and whatever happened to Ben? (David rules!)


yeah noone cares about the zero sumtin guy because these guys no how to make everyone laugh! This was onew of my fav tho but still ur getting my 5 and 10