Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

you guys rock

too funny dudes. choo choo cha booty gay pride train, lol. can't wait for the next one.

Most Awesome Episode Yet

This Movie Made me laugh out loud though the entire thing. I Especially liked when the dead cat consulted his coach, or when they all fought over no more Jew jokes. I thought it was your best TN episode, I Just Can't Wait for the next one.
PS: The Pizza Part Was Great too. PERFECT 10


yeah noone cares about the zero sumtin guy because these guys no how to make everyone laugh! This was onew of my fav tho but still ur getting my 5 and 10

I Have always loved Tomorrows Nobody's

This just makes me love it more ROTFLOL or something like that..... Anyway Excellent Work Guys

I'm not a fan.

Like I said I'm no fan of Tomorrows Nobodies. But the flash were david got hit in his balls by a ball was hilarious. And yeah this episode was cool.