Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

Good, but...

Needs more Chase.


You guys made my day once again, i'd wish it was longer, but non the less, great job.

Hey, a helmet!


I also love David =)

I dont want to bone him though. Sorry =(


hahaha what a great episode! Keep them coming! Had me in tears a couple times. Pretty cool to see the faces to the voices... even though they are exactly the same as the cartoon. Kick ass!


Fucking incredible. What else is there to say? Awesome graphics, great voice acting -- college humour at its very best. You lot have a lot of talent! And I love the Maddox reference in -- I think it was episode three? Whatever.

Point is it's great; keep them coming. You've got at least one fan now, so hold your heads high!

xoxo Snuffy

PS: Totally want to bone David. Call me.