Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

ended lamely

yeah so.... lame

I miss these

flash movies like these had actual storylines and good characters with really good screenplays and a pacing that was just great. not to mention the humor was something you wouldnt expect from an internet cartoon, but something more in the realm of professional comedy writing.

But I guess good things cant last, and story-driven movies take much longer to make, so I understand why theres a shortage of them, while quick, mistitled, Awesome flash movies flood the portal.


I love watching all 5 epsiodes over and over. Any one who gives lower than an 8 on any episode is a mook!!

Hey TN peeps!

Still waiting for your next TN cartoon! The david forgets films on your site are funny and all, but your cartoons pwn. When are you gonna roll out another?

that was cool

I liked this episode. It was really cool how you showed how tough it was for them find a house. graphics were drawn/animated really well. I noticed that the backgrounds are even more detailed and the facial animations have been perfect. excellent work!