Reviews for "Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep.5"

I love Chase's unique appearance. Dead cat joke? At least they had cute names. As usual, this is just great joke after great joke. I could simply describe everything that's going on. The toilet joke was great.

I never looked for houses or at least my parents never did. We always had a new house built whenever we moved somewhere. It's hard to have this many jokes for something so long. That's what makes it so impressive. I love David and Chase's stupidity.

It's been years since i last saw this!
Still a great video


close the door, we're locked in! your series has perfect humor!

This one is my least favorite

It started off promising but then it kept switching back and forth between cartoon and reality and i didn't like that. Also i thought ending was just dumb.

Funny, Funny and hey FUNNY

really funny stuff man, this is the 10th time i watched it, everytime it kills me
"your going to wake up dave!"
love love love this show, wish you made more