Reviews for "Chikaboom [box-killa]"

I was missing listening your piano

I like the melodies that this has going for it, he fact that there is a small amount of repetition actually makes this better, it gives the melody a different sound each time then you went and changed and added more here and there.

The breakdown/solo was cool, but it would have been nice to have heard a beat change up or different beat structure for this section, but then again that might just be the fact i'm not used to listening to this sort of musics yet lol.

I know it's the particular genre that this is meant for, but maybe try some different bass kit and snare variations, keep it from being too repetitive.

But all in all it's enjoyable =3


really nice mix of sounds, and i respect any artist that uses piano :D great work keep it up!

Nice song!!

Good song!, I like the mix of sounds!
Good work man!!


It sounds like a chase theme which is what I have been looking for since I love to write, but music is my main flow for a feel of something I can create. It sounds like a person running around or perhaps a ball bouncing with something chasing it. Or even a night club, it's defiantly not my favorite. I like it more then most of your recent stuff however. Thank you for the few other songs you made me in the past too :D

PS I know i am awesome.


Not your best music in my tastes, but still good.

Nice to see you back in action though.