Reviews for "Chikaboom [box-killa]"

When I clicked on this link...

I was dog ass tired, BK---------->
Now that I sit here listening though, I feel myself waking back up a bit. What a quick pace. What an exotic sound. What a classic sound to come from you. You're a pretty energetic copmoser, I'd say. Thank you for brightening my late night and perking me back up, Lovey! Great Job. *has the urge to play Contra and then signs off on your review* Until next time, ya silly goof. . .
..................Take care, be good boom, chikaboom boom.period
Oh yeah and thanks for always checkin' up on my too, Man.
That means aLOT.
Oh and the slow wind down was an added plus to your song too.

Box-Killa responds:

oh good to see you still exist rednikaiaG

haha, I guess I am a bit of an energetic "copmoser"

Thanks for the review!


Another classy tune, keep it up BK. We'll keep listening.


nice mixture of sounds.:D


sounds really cool i hope to hear more from you music like this one

Good mix

It's not usually my tastes in music, but I really liked the mix of sounds you used.

Good job and the piano was awesome