Reviews for "Chikaboom [box-killa]"

Awesome melody...

I just think this melody is great, it's so contagious, and it's so brilliant, it has a perfect sound, and it fits really well to the drums and the other instruments... I simply loved the way you builded up the whole song, it was a great job, since there are lots of beats, and drums, and you used them wisely, you putted them in the right places, the drums had a great effect when the beats changed, I simply loved the piano, too, it fitted really well to the drums sound...

Also, the lenght was pretty cool, it wasn't so long, the song didn't get repetitive, and it wasn't so short, the song didn't bored me, since you variated a lot, it has lots of quiet parts, and then, you putted the animated part, it was just like a roller coaster song!!

I simply loved this song, I couldn't find anything bad, I simply loved it, you did a great job, man, keep it up with the AWESOME work...

(Review Request Club)

Box-Killa responds:


Review Request Club

Nice piano intro; sets off quite a brilliant pace to start with which seems to only speed up as the track progresses a little further. I think the "BooTss" beat works really well given the ferocity of the pace; a more heavy, generic drum beat would have weighed what is a relatively light melody line all the way down quite quickly.

The complexity of the melody works really well in your favour, because while you repepat it a lot, the repetitions in themselves are fewer and far between just given the sheer length of the loop itself, so it doesn't drag like it may have done with a shorter loop. Not only that, but you have breaks such as the one at 1:30ish which act as a break between the melody, but itself has a really complex melody, complete with pretty kickass pitchbends and harmony changes. When the piano comes in at 2:32 you even have a third melody coming in, which just adds to the variety more and acts as a nice transition into the main theme again. Basically, you keep it varied throughout and that's always a major plus.

Love the ending how everything kind of winds down, kind of makes me imagine as if someone was playing this on a music box as fast as they can, and as the song finished they were just exhausted, winding as slowly as they could get away with, bending all the pitches down as they went due to the decreasing speed. Brilliant melodic atrophy, there.

Catchy tune, lots of variety...what more can you want? Really good work, here.

-Review Request Club

Can't get enough of this!!

Everyday every morning, listen to this 5 times or more a day and im good. I just need tto hear it once to get my day going, they extra 7 or 8 times is cuz its just awesome. Nice varying scale runs, gives that energy powering, escalating feeling.
Detuning the piano and slowing it down at the end really adds to ending the song. But as the Black Eyed Peas say E.N.D (Energy Never Dies). Keep up the excellent work. 105D

Box-Killa responds:

haha thanks man, i think you should attach a sterio to your face so you can play it everywhere you go


epic tune

keep up the good work br0 this track is epix to the max

Well well sir

-You have quite the catchy tune here. Very bright and energetic if you ask me. A great way to just get up and get energized.

-The melody is also very unique and dynamic. It never seems to stay the same way for too long. It just flows how you would if you were dancing. Helping you choreograph your own moves to the song. It kept me entranced through the entire thing. It all ended up culminating brilliantly towards the end with the gradual letdown into the piano.

-The bass was a bit much for me at times. It just seemed a little too deep. I'm not saying that it overpowered any other part of the song. It fit nicely with what you did but I think it could of benefited from a little less bass in some areas of the song.

-Still it's one of your better submissions and I really enjoyed listening. I'll have to check out some of your other stuff some other time.

-Review Request Club