Reviews for "Arfenhouse Teh Movie 6"


lol, the part with the qwerty person made me laugh my ass off, is this really the end though. and i like it how u put really mis spelt subtitles for the stupid characters, and normal subtitles for all the sensible characters. its a perfect movie, is your movie gonna be another arfen house, cuz that is something i cant wait for. oh yeah, whats your fav MMORPG?



Funny stuff!


I have no idea what I was watching... but I liked it... keep up the good work! Oh.. this is your last episode you say? Anyways... good work.

Don't make such a good thing end :'(

I love this episode of Arfenhouse, it's become my new favorite since the first time I watched it. I almost cried upon knowing it was teh last one, pl3a%%s5se Don't make this teh last w01ne. I want to see more Arfenhouse! Misteroo = God!
Plz make more I <3 Arfenhouse

101 t3h funn1e5t cra9z0rzz eeeeevvverrrrrr.....

hell yeah i hope to see somethin like...i dunno...Housemaster risen from the dead? like everyone's a zombie but they act the same? still. funny as fuck.