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Reviews for "-Created-"

Easily the best movie ever*

*except for The Story of Khale Tralier and the YuYu of course

This is easily one of Zekey's best ever works, although I didn't understand some of the things that were going on (but it was showing creation), I was dazzled by some of the amazing new effects you were trying out (and you thought the "blurred bitmap" thing in The Birds and the Bees was interesting), and I bet some of them used some bitmap trickery!

Sound had to be a 5 because classical music is quite boring, but I love how you actually set it to go along perfectly with the score!

Zekey is becoming one of the best animators here, I can't wait for the day he reaches #1 on the 50 Top Scoring of all time with something big. But still, I'd like to see maybe another animutation with some of your new effects that you've been using (and not short)...

Voted 5 - Overall 10/10

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Lawl, I wont ever get to #1.
And beleive me, I'll still make silly music videos to catchy music. Those things make me happy.

hmm! interesting!

I was trudging through the flotsum and jetsum that is the most recfent reviews, and was PLEEEAAASED AS PUNCH to find this little gem nestled in among the apuling amounts of turd 'toons. This will be the first time I've ever gotten to see a Newgrounds winner BEFORE it won awards and was then emailed to me via the 10 best of the week email I singed up for (I find that it's the only way to find anything of real entertainment value on Newgrounds, although there are still at least a few mario sprite cartoons and what apears to be esentially the same bland anime and mind less violent brouhahas that mannage to somehow creep up into the list). This was a quick paced and loverly little slice a color, and I will stake my points to protect against the deranged anime zombies and gore fiends!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

This is the most hilarious, accurate and awesome review ever. roffles

I really enjoyed it

I really like the concept and I think it was done with great style.
All my protection points are belong to this.


it was kinda abstract, verry cool, diffrent from most things ive seen, and most things ive seen is crap, but this was sweet. which is good. and yeah, keep up the excellent work and don't conform to the other peoples low intelagence standards (speaking of intelagence, mayby i should learn to spell eh?)

all in all it was awsome.


I didn't get the meaning of this, but this wont prevent me from saying, that it was really nice. 10 Points.