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Reviews for "-Created-"

I would absofreakinglutely love to watch this...

...while being high.

I don't know if this flash is in any way meaningful or if you were just trying out your animation skills, but for a 'random' flash it has very good quality.

The graphics are clean and sleek and the motion is smoothly continous. The style is marvelous, because there is so much room for interpretation and at the same time so little. As for the sound, the mozart tune had really nothing to do with what I was seeing, but then again, few things in the flash were obviously relative. So, it all makes sense by not making little sense =)

Very Dreamy.

Emoticon Sez... :D

A very pleasant little diversion here, Zekey. I usually at least find your stuff amusing, but this one has enough lovely little tidbits to make it high-quality in my book...assuming I had a book in which to categorize the quality of things.

In particular, I liked the finger drawing across the horizon to create a landscape, and the shimmering school of fish (a little touch most animators may not think of).

A question: Did you get the idea listening to the song, or come up with the idea for the flash first?

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

The idea actually came from a drawing I did.

well wasn't bad but wasnt good

i would like to say it was awsome... but i cant cuse it wasn't that good i liked the style and graphics but.. well, i cant really say i liked it

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

What a smart informative review.

not bad ^-^

it seemed kinda interesting. I also read one of the reviews. I dunno how come u said 'age 14, female' or osmething. I looked at ur profile or osmething and said u're 20, male. If this video was made by a 14 year old, i'd be surprised since a 14 year old had learned flash pretty good for a young age. but I wasn't sure if that was true or not. but anyway, the graphics and sound was ok, but the video wasn't really my kind of video to watch. but I'm giving u an overall 7 since u mostly created this like art


interesting, none of its kind have I seen in such a long time. very creative. I like your style of art.