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Reviews for "-Created-"

All 10 woop woop!

This is a truly great flash, and I bet you had great fun drawing some of those characters =)

haha that was great

the grin that was plastered across my face as the little blue guy was crowned was of the same exact sh*t eating quality as was the little blue guy's. resplendant my good sir.

Awesome sound, awesome animation, awesome

I don't often give reviews but this movie forced me to act. What more can I say than "Fan-bloody-tastic". Nathan, you don't know me and I don't know you but damn that is a fine peice of work. The music choice fits the animation beautifully. I love the animation and if I could find one problem... hmm, I suppose I wish maybe that you charachters were more stylised and elegant like the hand animation. But anywho top work.

P.S you got zeros for violence and interactivity because, well because there was no violence and it's a movie; what can you interact with? press play?!? so mo sweat.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:


Reminds me of Fantasia~

Well done, *adds to favorites*

Beautiful to watch.

I must admit that I was floored by the visuals in this flash. The style and the characters were memorable and very pleasing to the eye. It truly felt as if I was in a dream-like state as the random, serene, and innocent images floated by. Due to the stunning presentation and the assumed desire of creating a dream, I was more than willing to forgive the lack of any connection between the images.

Unfortunatly there is a downside in all of this. The music was completely out of place and regardless of the random dreamstate of the film, I couldn't find a reason for that particular selection. Although I love operatic and orchestral music, the title selected felt more depressing than the images and even disrupted the desired result I'm sure you were trying to illicit.

Aside from the audio selection, an excellent flash and I do highly recommend you to continue your work as it shows a great deal of potential.