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Reviews for "-Created-"

this is good. very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed. oh, and, to my previous reviewer:
this is Mozart... it's actually the last piece he ever wrote. he died in the middle of writing the Lacrimoza... his student finished it for him...
so that and the "creating of earth" relly worked well together.
7 i humour is also, for the smile ;-)

Very cool, made my day :)

I gave violence and interactivity a 1, because well, it was not violent and it was no game either :)

Humor a 7, cuz of the creature with the crown and his big smile :) AND because of the 'by mozart' thing in the credits :P

Nic one, it really made my day :D

Great as always, plus more

Every time you do an animation, Zekey, I can only watch in awe. This one is no exception, and is probably the best one I've seen you do yet.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

hey nukespewn

Great animation

...in addition to a colorful, unique style and an interesting way of expressing the Christian creation myth. Once again, the first one created becomes the ruler. Excellent work.


Now that's art!