Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

Great game, easy,fun

The copyrights create a challenge...very good.First game I saw based on bauman.


this stuff is so funny this is one of the few reasons i come to the portal but realy this movie was great
long live anti e-buam

Simple, fun, awesome.

Simple and effective. :P

Gets real hard. Most I got was 4,000 and somethin' points...

Definitely deserves front page.

YTMND, Weebl, and all the rest! AVENGED!!

as a YTMND fan AND would-be forum soldier. I congradulate you on the most accurate portrayal of Eric Bauman to date. I only got a measly 4790 on this game so far, but the principles and the history behind this game.

I personally enjoyed the fact that EVERY level in this game has content that ebaums stole, so I reccomend going to watch the content at its source rather than on some black market corp crap compilation.

You're the man now, dog
Expect a big shiney 5 for this.

The Cap'n

Great idea and gameplay, but there's a slight prob

Sometimes content will fall right in the same place as a copyright symbol and you are forcec to lose health to get it, or because you missed it. Other than that, it was great. Lol.