Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

Quite well done.

I like how you used each site's icons, as well as a well-known thing Bauman's jacked, as their collecting things.

Especially fun was collecting Connerys on the front page of YTMND.


Dude, there's only one way to make it better: use "Ebaums wolrd dot com" as theme music for this flash! I mean this game is just perfect as a game! it's cool, not too easy or impossible and has an acid humor that almost managed to make me fall from my char laughing!!!

hope To find some more fresh new stuff of yours!

Pretty good game

That was a great game, I liked it! I lost at the YTMND level which was somewhat ironic.


fun for awhile.
overall pretty funny!
i like it!

Excellent game.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Eric stole this?