Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

Eric Bauman should die...

or he should at least play this game and listen to lemon demon's song...or steal it. Anyways, the important stuff. Very good game, simple yet fun. The whole idea behind was the best part i think. Keep it up.

True, True

All true about Eric Bauman!!!

La_Chupa must like love lots of sites then.

It was a decent game,oh,and to all you people who say this sucks and you love Ebaums,1.)Once you make something better,than you can say this sucks all you want. and 2.),all of Ebaums is just a bunch of other sites' content,with a 'Hosted By Ebaumsworld' watermark slapped in the corner.kthx.

Frustrating but fun

I had fun playing as well as seeing references from the sites I visit, but does the game hafta be so goddamn hard? I got #6 on the high score chart (under Lukeass), yet I STILL haven't seen the last level at all and it's driving me crazy! That's a bit on the ridiculous side if ya ask me, because if you count the people who didn't submit high scores, there's maybe 20-40 people who've seen the last level out of everybody who's played. It's almost as if your message is that Eric can't win by stealing. ;-)

But I digress, it's a fun game if you aren't easily frustrated like me. This is a good way to spread the word about Ebaumsworld, and Eric deserves what's coming to him.


Too bad stealing stuff isn't as hard in real life as it is in round 2...