Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

ebaums has taken everything

ive seen a lot on ebaums theiving, but this is the first game, the concept was sort of boring after a while, and it got redundant after the first round

Great Game but copyright.

Make sure this is protected cuz eric bauman might steal this and put it on his site. ha he ha ha ehm.. You just need to add some music during gameplay and ur good to go. I liked the different sites and stuff. Good Game!

this game is rather dissapointing

so ebaum steal whatever it wants, who cares? i wonder how often people steal catchphrases from someone and then when they hear what ebaum does are all like WTF!!1,

the graphics were poor and the sound was quite annoying, it's not funny since it's almost like a overused joke that wasn't even funny to begin with, also there are a lot more games like these in a other theme but for me there is just not difference


Who DOESNT like the game and likes Ebaums is an idiot. If you are aproving of stealing , wich is what Ebaums is doing, you are an idiot. great game

loved it

I'm such of an anti-Baumer