Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

This could be so much better.

This is, in my mind, a quite basic attempt at what could become a great game. The art is okay, although there is no music. All you can do is go side-to-side, when you could add jumping, sprinting, et cetera. I like it, but it doesn't draw me in or make me want to continue playing after I lose.
Okay, I don't think everyone reviewing this submission is exactly clear on why Ebaum's World is a pile of shit. It's full of content stolen from other websites, and Ebaum's generates revenue from this stolen content. That's illegal. Ebaum's World is not "really cool." It's somebody making a lot of money from screwing everyone else. End the bullshit, end Ebaum's.

:D:D:D great

this game really brings joy to me. instead of making this eric character rich i enjoy making him lose on purpose. the filty bastard is a lazy fat cat only out there to steal other peoples hard work. but ne ways i liked the game it was fun n i liked the way you integrated all the other sites n their material made me wanna get to the next lvl so i could see the little icon things they had lol

Nice game But........

a all right game, but to letcha know, i went to ebaumsworld after i played this game, and i have to say that, that website is really cool

Great idea and gameplay, but there's a slight prob

Sometimes content will fall right in the same place as a copyright symbol and you are forcec to lose health to get it, or because you missed it. Other than that, it was great. Lol.


There is an Eric Bauman that goes to my highschool, but I doubt it is the same one.

Good game tho!