Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

not bad!

Original-ish. Cool game and fun. Very difficult! But the game itself is nothing new and the jokeing on Ebaum isnt ither. All in all tho very fun game! enjoyed it and great execution.


Whats your story with ebaum? I think if you put a little bio somewhere in the game about your experince with ebaum or eric it would make your message a lot more effective. Anyways the idea was good, simple and attitive. GJ

Stop Bitching, dude.

So your saying if you had a chance to get rich like Ebuam you wouldn't do it? You hipocritical bastard. So what if he stole stuff? What do you plan to do about it? Online petition? Even if you did, nobody gives a shit about online petitions. Or you could keep making flash games about it. People will play them, get a laugh, and then not do a damn thing. There's nothing you can do, so stop bitching about it and get on with your life. That being said, onto the review.

Overall it was a good piece of flash even though the motivation was dumb. just so you know, I'm not going to be biased on this review just becuase I disagree with the motivation. Graphics were good, as was the style. I gave the sound an 8 becuase the sounds effects got annoying after the second level.

Please pass the picks and the torches...


down with ebaumsworld!

fuck eric and his shitty ass site, this game kicks so much ass!