Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

Takes two thieves to notice

This looks familiar, a little two familiar, but that's okay.

Narly, try to be original next time.

Some people really are idiots

He didn't steal those images of course he got permission from AltF4. He wouldn't make someything about a thief if he was stealing. Because too many people would notice. But now only the dumb ones did. So no harm done really. Anywho great game. A little bit too hard. The sound effects were a tad too annoying. Congrats on being the first to respond to the flash "Ebaums World Dot Com" And I hope your not the only one. And that's all I have to say.


i didnt feel so bad when i failed at the game lol

lol so true

So true about Ebaumsworld lol. That game was good, cool idea and nice graphics, and whatnot. only problem really was I not only had to avoid the copyright symbol falling into my basket, I also had to stop them from hitting me before they disappeared. So I found myself just touching them as they were aobut to disappear on the TMD...(whatever the hell it was) level and therefore having about 3 of my chances gone.

All in all though, good game, idea based realistically ;)

pretty good!

i must say its definitely diferent from what you normally find on newgrounds, a refreshing throwback to olden timey games, with a lemony twist. just a few things to comment on:

the first YTMND level is ridiculously hard, all the others are very do-able, but having an entire barier of copyright symbols keeping you from conery's slow falling head is ridiculous.

i wont comment on round 2 casue thats supposed to be hard and it is do-able still, but just barely, you really have to try for it.

and a couple times ive played through, the score wont apear, and therefore i can't subit it.

great game! keep it up!