Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"


the game wasnt good and ebaumsworld gets sent new content if u havent noticed alot of the videos have sum1 sayin put that shit on ebaumsworld.And y do u give a shit how he makes his money,better than bein a drug dealer.Theres not much flash games or animations on ebaums mostly there videos now.Id anything this game will get more ppl to go to ebaumsworld.If u dont like ebaumsworld no1 is forcing u to go there.


But yeah, I never really went to Ebaums World since they jack their content from other sites...hasn't anyone ever like, (sorry for sounding dumb but) reported him or at least tried to stop him?

hate eric

not a great flash but i hate eric for what he has done to the flash and enternet comunity

fucking pisses me off

copyrights always fall down the same path as the stuff you need to catch! and there were several times when the copyright that lands next to me hurts me. It wasn't well built IMHO.

Although the joke on EBaum was kind of funny. I'll be searching for this on his site Friday (:

Ah, nice

Fun game.

Someone should submit it to ebaums world and see if his money grubbing ass steals it too.