Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

Nice job!

Great new application of a concept that's been done a few times already. The creativity of the idea made me appreciate it a lot more. Gameplay was smooth, and I liked the progressive increase in the difficulty with each level. Nice art, too, and props to you for very clearly giving credit to the people who helped you with this.

You got my five for this outstanding concept and game.

Yeah, Eric sucks

Nice dude, it always good to do a little Ebaum hating every so often, my only complaint is that the area where you catch stuff should be better represented by the basket, and there should be some cool music to steal to.

Eric Bauman

is a poo poo head.

Damn good catching game

The "Ebaum's steals stuff" thing has been done pretty hardcore, but you really presented it in a unique way.

Lol, Nice!

I like the whole "copyrights are bbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd" thing ebaum gots there. The site levels look nice and you seemed to get all of them! The style looked exactly like alt4's so a 5 for that. Also, I used the screenname, "NotBaum" for the highscore.