Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

this game is actually quite fun

But i didn't realise that you lose health when you miss something soi lost on ymtd.


yha we all know ebaum's steals things to make money. but what you did was just stupied. also i think you stoal the animations of erik from the flash ebaums world dot net. so there for you are also a thife and have no right calling ebaums a thife.

KhadBanks responds:

Again, look at my response to the previous poster. Though you may think I am a "thife" (I believe that is a species of duck?) Alt F4 did give me permisson to use his character. This would have been easy to see had you gone to the credits page of the animation. Guess that would be a little too obvious.


This in itself may be a work of theivery. Did you ask premission to use all of those graphics? (ie. Eric Bauman from "Ebaums World Dot Com")

KhadBanks responds:

Not only did I have permission, Alt F4 contributed a lot of ideas and made all the characters for the last level for me.

Not bad...

Not a bad game....looked respectable and had a nice theme to it...

Mainly, i'm happy becasue you've given me yet another way to hate Ebaum....*mumbles* bastard *mumbles*

"And if we all join hands and sing this song..."

We need more stuff like this!

The game was pretty fun and I'm voting five!