Reviews for "ThiefBaum's World"

That game was awesome

I was entertained a large amount by that game. Everything was very well done on this game. I applaud you on this great work, dude.

Gonna be stolen

this is hilarious cause its so true,it will probbly be stolen and put on ebaumsworld this friday

Great Message, Mediocre Quality

What happens, if you have the worst message in the world, but you package it well, hire awesome PR reps, buy TV airtime, and in general pander to the public so they love you? Your worst message becomes the most wonderful thing ever. What happens, if you have the absolute best message in the world, but you package it in simple saran wrap, and try to sell it on a street corner to uncaring passers-by? Then you become little more than a nuissance, despite your wonderful product.

You sir, have a wonderful message, just poor packaging. Now don't get me wrong, all your flash skills are fine. The game is smooth, well scripted, amazingly crisp, well drawn, and the sound is perfectly implemented. Game control is easy and the learning curve isn't too harsh. The issues that I have with your flash stem not from the technical aspects, but from the concept of the flash itself.

You see, simply, this sort of game has been beaten into the ground. Unless there is a gameplay aspect that is fresh, some new quirk to introduce to us, it simply becomes boring, repetitive, and eventually, stupidly impossible as dodging the falling lawsuits becomes nigh impossible if you want to collect the illicit flash content. You try to do this by using new sprites and a poignant message about ebaumsworld, but that isn't quite enough. You need more than a political message. I would suggest some sort of "laywer bomb" that sends laywers to clear the screen of copyrights/lawsuits, or perhaps a 'flash' flood, maybe a bonus internet fad, or something that makes you slower, like a manifestation of the alleged YTMND attack. All of these incorperate aspects of ebaumsworld, and all of them would add quirks enough to hold one's attention.

Also, looking into the future, if you *really* want to get the attention of people, I would suggest a sort of RPG in the style of "Zelda: Lampshade" where you either have to play Ebaum, or someone trying to stop Ebaum. From here the smount of witty jokes, puns, and frankly pure commentary is almost endless. Yes, it would be hard, but in the end, you have already shown that you have the skill.

Indeed, despite this flash's shortcomings, it has demonstrated that you have the hardest part of this down, you have the necessary, raw, flash talent to go places. All that you seemed to lack was a smidgeon of inspiration, well, that is what we here in the NG community are here for. In the end I await your next step, for once you take your already proven skills, talent, and message, and combine it with a little more inspiration and gameplay refinement, everyone will listen.

KhadBanks responds:

This is probably the most helpful and best review I have got thusfar. It is funny you mention an RPG because for a year I have been working on an RPG (not flash based) that has Eric Bauman as the main evil villan. Though he is not stealing content, I twisted it enough but I don't want to give story away. I just recently finished it and soon a link will be provided at Albino Blacksheep as well as my site.

Again, thank you for a helpful review and not a simple and useless "game sucked cause I got bored!!1!" as I have seen before.


alll 10's for YTMND.

Wasn't that good.

The art that you did by yourself wasn't actually very good. The gameplay was repetetive and got boring. The music was ok but all this anti-ebaumsworld stuff is getting a little old now, don't you think?