Reviews for "Mario Gets Massive!"

I really like movies 1-3 and 1-4 :)

Unlike the others, i like this. You have enough spirit to make more movies like this.

good movie but it's new super mario bros 8-bit textures you use?

ok ok ok like for the F ***ING wach this it is like WTF nothing was funny it was preatty STUPIED shadowlove101 out

JonBro responds:

Next time, you could actually provide some insight on how I could improve. You know, like telling me how things could have been funnier or describing exactly why things were "preatty stupied".

(For example, I think your review was pretty stupid because you misspelled "pretty stupid"--which may or not have been intended to be ironic, but even if it was, reviews are usually much more credible if you at least try to sound somewhat intelligent.)

Very funny.The mega mushroom maybe evil or something.