Reviews for "Mario Gets Massive!"

I really like movies 1-3 and 1-4 :)

awesome (=

Unlike the others, i like this. You have enough spirit to make more movies like this.

good movie but it's new super mario bros 8-bit textures you use?

ok ok ok like for the F ***ING wach this it is like WTF nothing was funny it was preatty STUPIED shadowlove101 out

JonBro responds:

Next time, you could actually provide some insight on how I could improve. You know, like telling me how things could have been funnier or describing exactly why things were "preatty stupied".

(For example, I think your review was pretty stupid because you misspelled "pretty stupid"--which may or not have been intended to be ironic, but even if it was, reviews are usually much more credible if you at least try to sound somewhat intelligent.)