Reviews for "(Naruto) Dress up Sakura"

Very well done!

Sakura is my favorite character, and since the manga, her popularity is growing, which i'm glad to see. But to find a flash here on newgrounds that doesn't bash her in some sort of way is quite rare, and I'm glad I found this! That I am. (Yes her dubbed voice does suck XD!) I also like the clothing, suprised to see the one from the 3rd movie too!

Next time, for a bit of constructive critisism, allowing her to have different postures would be great! Maybe different face expressions, or buttons that when you press it, she can say a line or something.

There's always room to improve but I think this flash was done very well! That I do.

i love this game !

what is the music named i really love it ! %u2665


Nice, Good thing you didnt wreck it with hentai.


This was SO cute! I love how you can dress her up and do her hair like other people, too! And the music was cool.
he pose was a little off, though...... But awesome, anyway.


i like the game but i love the music , its very peaceful.
whats the name of it. and u rock.