Reviews for "(Naruto) Dress up Sakura"

i just..

created a female sasuke muhaahhaha

the best dress up

the song of this dress up is Meteor or something just search Naruto Ending 6
have fun all :D

Im not every pleased...

I love Naruto its just that..you made her fat i dont like the outfits as much.... so i have to say i dont like this as much as the next person im sorry. and the music is nice. the hair styles i dont like at all.. im sorry i dont like it. i you dont like my reveiw dont read it.

Another mediocre dress up game.

Stupid dress up games clouding newgrounds.
They're hardly games, and they're soo easy to make.

Awsome =)

I LOVE IT :D The song is so cute and her expression.... aww ^_^