Reviews for "(Naruto) Dress up Sakura"


^^Good Points^^
First, very good drawings. They stick out in my mind as being very well done and better than most dress up games. There are lots of clothing choices, also drawn very well and varying a lot. Everything seemed to work well, or atleast the stuff that I tested out, and everything fit fine.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not really as humorous as I like to see dress up games. Add some humorous clothing, since that is what makes a dress up game good. Also, there should be a sound off button, sicne that music is kind of lame.

It Ok

I really like it.Some male people lke to add NuDiTy.But at least you didn't.I showed to my friend.And she LOVED it.Because shes a fan Naruto.

Not bad for first I guess

But I couldnt find any secrets at all...secrets make dressups more fun,
other then that I think you should have a turn off music button...it gets annoying to listen to it...And because most newgrounds users are males you could have added some nudity...But I didnt find this bad...Newgrounds need more anime content =)

it was ok

ok i like to see more naruto dress ups but lol she was fat so ya that y i gave humor a 7 but i gave u a 5 n e ways lol just work on that