Reviews for "(Naruto) Dress up Sakura"


She doesnt have to be nude, she is still sexy.... oh yes she is.

the comment right below

yep sure is right :D no pervertines

Stop Complaining! D:

This is a great game and most people here love it, so to people who wants to see her nude, don't come here and write bad reviews about this game, I'm sure there are plenty of games on Newgrounds that you can see people naked (If you're that perverted). Sorry for the rant. :)


I really like this. i love dressing her up in sasuke's outfit.

The music makes made my mood to dress her

Even the hair got optional. Ah! There's Sasuke's pink ver :P
There sailor moon's too..
I like to dress her as Sasuke female ^^

and you're right to choose the song! I like it :)