Reviews for "Enter Carrot Clock"

A reckless exaggeration

More like carrotFAG *runs off*

The best Clock movie ever!


^^Good Points^^
I really liked the way you did your voice overs for all of the characters instead of using Speakonia, the tone for SBC was very comical.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is a pretty prosaic movie. The graphics are limited to a few simple clock drawings...no backgrounds or any real drawing. The animations are sparing and lame and the storyline is very boring and not particularly funny.

Ha ha ha!

Yess! You are the rightful king! I loved the voices, they were hilariouse! (please note i have nothing against SBC or CC and it was just a "moment" thing...)

I hope this is a joke.

SBC may be a little eccentric, but he has CHARISMA and followers who deserve the throne a WHOLE lot more than u.

Anyway, the movie wasn't good. 2.

Its a clock what can i say

I hate vegetables kill them all. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH