Reviews for "Enter Carrot Clock"

Oh, H311 N0!!!

CarrotClock, vegetable usurper, could never defeat SBC. I've never seen Carrot push a B through the Portal! SBC holds the Power of the Gods. There is no other like him on Newgrounds, or anywhere, unless it was Hammurabi, founder of the first empire in the ancient world. The all-powerful StrawberryClock, One True King of the Portal, could destroy CarrotClock any day! All hail StrawberryClock, Portal King!

You cannot kill StrawberryClock!!!

SBC would OWN U LOLOLZ !!!1

although i dont think carrotclock will ever win...

there is always gonna be someone trying to get SBC's crown, might as well be carrotclock, he is like austin powers' Dr. Evil, or Chocolate and Vanilla, or fruits and vegetables, carrotclock is SBC's rival.

Nice style, but...


WTF? do you know this was made by carrot clock?

(referring to guy 2 reviews behind me...)