Reviews for "Newgrounds: The Future"

What should I say...

...exept that you brought up a good point. I guess we have to accept changes. And I guess everyone wants to see all of these new icons, am I right? The name NEWgrounds makes sense ;-]

Paradox responds:

Haha, yeah, Newgrounds - the NEW means change. :D

But thanks, and we all are waiting for the re-design, to see the awesome new levels. :D


I havnt been here long, so that flash kinda filled me in on all the changes to ng. I never realized that it had changed that much. 5/5
pretty interesting.

Paradox responds:


Yeah, I haven't actually been here TOO long, just over seven months now. But I have heard a lot about the changes, and the new level icons which will be released inspired me to make this Flash, not just to explain the changes to Newgrounds, but in general, fill all the gaps which were needed for the future, for those people who don't use the forums.


That's really interesting.

Yes, you certainly brought that point up (the fact that Newgrounds is changing). Perhaps for the better. Good job.

By the way, where did you get those new level icons? Are they really going to change them? That would be so cool if they did.

Paradox responds:

Thanks! :D

The icons used were ripped from a thread on the BBS, where Tom Fulp leaked the new icons. But only those five. They all will be shown in the re-design, and most of us can't wait. :D