Reviews for "Newgrounds: The Future"

good one

well usually no humour, action, or whatever means a boring and lull animation, however, with this one it was the total and exact opposite. i found this animation to be very interesting. it definitely has some good points to it and wasn't an animation being one-sided to a certain group or type of animation or game.
overall, it was a very good animation... i liked this one. good work on it.

Paradox responds:


Thanks a lot, seriously.

Nice job

the irony of all of this is.....everything in this animation is true
nice job making this piece and i hope to see more of your movies

Paradox responds:

I'll be making more, I suddenly become better at Flash each time I try, so in a few weeks, I'll have something better. :D



yeah You have a good point there I have noticed some of that but never paid much attention to it. "The problems of the future-Today" I actualy never even noticed that changed either. Well It has been for the better (most of it) And it is called NEWgrounds for a reason i guess.

Paradox responds:

Yeah, thanks for the 8. :D



Paradox responds:



It's an explanatory flash...looked like an animated and very very short version of the Newgrounds History...

You got a couple of nice pics here and there, like the old layout one, I like that.
Meh, but it's just a couple of tweens and a cool Audio Portal music, I'm glad you accepted my suggestion to use it :)

This wasn't bad, anyway was kinda boring, I'd prefer to read the whole NG History (I have done it, a couple of times) rather than seeing this, anyway, good job, even though there is room for improvement. A lot.

Paradox responds:

The fact that it's just tweens, and shit, that's the basic idea. But this is more than the NG History section states, it really describes the changes, and what's more to come. Plus, I only had a couple of hours to make it. :D