Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"


THAT FREAKED THE LIVING SHIT OUTTA ME!Btw,did the ugly dood kill the baby or something?

Jeremy Lokken

I have waited so long for you to make another flash movie and now you have. I can die now.

Very nice.

Very nice video, I think the storyline and character are too complex for Newgrounds idiots to understand though, reminded me a lot of slingblade and now nobody really "got" that movie.

something new here

Good work! New, different and orignal! Do more!

Disturbingly Beautiful

That was the creepiest work of art I have ever seen here on newgrounds! It was so friggin creepy,what the hell was your inspiration man? Ah, who fricken cares 10/10/ 5/5 Awesome job man. And please, scare me some more. :)