Reviews for "The Ugly Duck"

Man, I thought the father was ugly,

until I saw the baby.

That being said, good flash. Camera movements and everything. Very, very well done.
Oh, sure. The toppic is sad and creepy, and the characters and scenarios are far from bright and cheery, but it's a darn-tuttin' good flash. Good thechnique and all that.

Kudos to you.

nice yet creepy

i like when you make these creepy kind of movies like coffie break and the cyst. one more thing
what was he doing to the baby at the end? killing him buy putting in a toilet? can you clear this up for me?


This was an amazing pice of art! simple storyline, but the way it was all visualised and explayned made it very entertaining.
It gave me a horrid feeling witch is great, not many flash movies do that! It was short tho, but that only means that i have to watch it again! :)

Fantastic 5/5


Awsome good job, i feel its all most to ture to life, but what the hell it your movie.... keep on ROCKING -Carter

To the people who are trashing this movie

Obviously, you people didn't understand why the guy wound up hurting the baby.
The reason was he wanted to PREVENT the kid from having the same horrible childhood that he had.

I rate this flash a 10. It was very tragic but it represented the very real cycle of abuse and how it has consequences.