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Reviews for "Ray - Part 3 Introduction"

B E A Utiful

"Its frikkin freezing out here."
good now u get stabbed in the neck fillet style.
that was great the action scenes were very well done. however the people look like they came out of southpark with the eyes and midget shaped boddies. Also the day after shave on everybody was well done. great detail on everything.


fucking awesome! Ray FINALLY got a voice! cant wait for part 3

Best. Trailer. Ever.

Can't wait for the game!!!!!!!!!!!

Great teaser for what im sure is gonna be kwl

The first time i watched ray i thought yeah kwl but just like other cartoons just to play.

Then 2 came out and i thought this cartoon is getting somewhere

Now with this teaser of 3 you've just blown me away!

WOW so freakin funny

its a really great movie/game but hardly any choices its funny and violent. great moments in the gulf war and the bum scene