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Reviews for "Ray - Part 3 Introduction"


Wow, i can tell that must have taken you ages to do. The graphics were brilliant; all the little details made it complete, and the characters were superbly drawn and animated. The style reminds me of south park, and i think its a really good way of animating if you can pull it off, and you most definitely did. Your voice actors and sound effects were amazing and really suited the parts that they did. The violence was great (running out of synonyms here...) and I loved the blood and gore effects. There could have been a couple more interactive choices though, especially since you labelled this as a game. Also, it would be nice to be able to replay the movie from the decision point so that you dont have to watch the whole movie again to see what happens when you make a different decision. The humour was great, and I lol'ed in several places. Overall, you develope the story really well and the fantastic sounds and graphics to accompany it makes this movie go straight to my favourites list. I cant wait fo rthe actual game! You definitely deserve a daily #1 today!

i can honestly say that was the best movie ever

it was perfect. The music perfectly fit the plot, the graphics were A+ material and i cant wait for the game. 60+ minutes of play?! thats insane. And i never knew Ray had a son. Keep it up!

p.s. when is ray 3 expected out?

About time!

Seriosly though, i creamed myself.

Just Amazing

Hey dude, i love this intro, im glad to hear you havent gien up on it and your still making it, im a little bummed about it not being the southpark dudes anymore, but hey new is sometimes better, good luck on the game dude,im sure it'll be great

Not bad

Not bad at all but a big, fat LOL at the languages used instead of arab, i think i can spot 3 distinct languages used instead of the right one...