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Reviews for "Ray - Part 3 Introduction"

holy fuck nugget

dude that is some of the best animation on this site


My god..... It's beautiful. Do you know how long I've waited for Part 3 to come out!? This is going to kick so much @$$!


dude that rocked that is the best thing i have seen in my life and the end part where it does the music that was soooo cool and the info at the end made it sound like it was a ps2 game rock on and get the full 1 now!!!!


Hey WOOWOO hurry i need this game! its teh l33tn355

Cant wait dude It's sooooo long 5 years

i wonder when u gonna post the real full version . it has been 5 years since that movie/game was posted . so when does the new version will be posted ?? One heck of a good question ?? It's like asking Why the sky is blue ??