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Reviews for "Ray - Part 3 Introduction"

Hello, I am Crizimir and I would like to share my feelings about this game.. This game has been the best game I've ever played since I was a child.. It's been years since I played this game and I've been waiting for ray part 3 to come out.. but sadly I just saw your current situation right now.. I wanted to say congrats on your family bro and wish you the best. But.. I want this series to finish and I want to see pete's body burn. So, I decided to make a tribute for this game.. Official getting permission from you. Mr. Phil. I've learned all about flash and I can call myself an Intermediate animator now Because of you. I want to thank you and ask for your permission to have this ray part 3 game finished... I will be making a story for ray part 3 since It's not finished yet. I just want to post a comment here to let you know.. But I will be making this.. Because you wont probably finish this game.. I'm not even sure if your active on newgrounds. So yeah. The game will be out soon and I will be posting some snapshots and progressions about the game in my profile in newgrounds. If you want to check it out go to my profile. There may not be any progression/snapshots yet due to school but I will post some there. This has been interesting. Thank you for your time.

Hey, Phil

Listen, I'm not sure if you're active on NG anymore, but from what I read, you got yourself a family and process of creating Ray 3 has either slowed down or completely cancelled (I'm starting to assume the last since it's been almost 8 years now). I'm a 16 year old kid who enjoys games with a great plotline and interesting characters. I've played Ray for the first time 5 years ago and I loved it. Still do. I have read some of the comments on your page condemning you and your family to hell and such. I don't know what drives people to write senseless shit like that, but it does mean lots of people want this game finished and playable. I can understand if you have abandoned this project and want to move on. But Ray is so damn popular. Ray is so inventive and awesome. The simplified SP-design makes it look very appealing and with this introduction you have even given Ray a background as veteran Gulf-War soldier, complete with a son and perky ex. Creating this and then showing a screen promising lots of gameplay, free-roam, clothes and weapons etc. and then quitting, well that's like getting someone pregnant and after 8 months deciding to just go away. Seriously, did Rockstar cancel GTA when it was at it's peak? As I said before, Ray is already promising and in my honest opinion, he shouldn't stop until Pete floats in the ocean with a bullet penetrated into his treacherous skull. I really hope one day you read this and get A: a change of heart and finish the game in all it's glory or B: get someone close with time on his hands to finish the game with some of your instructions and ideas. In any case, I wish you and your family a happy and healthy life and may you one day gaze upon your computer monitor, grab your mouse, and make the best motherfucking flash game the internet has ever witnessed!



full verion plese