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Reviews for "Ray - Part 3 Introduction"

The foreign language they are speaking is a mix of spanish, japanese, and arabic and so many languages. Plus what they are saying don't match any of the subtitles it makes no sense.

Philljc responds:

Ridiculous isn't it? I found the voices in Counter-Strike Condition Zero, mostly. I didn't understand what any of them were saying, I was hoping most other people wouldn't either.

I Really Enjoyed The Game! Just as Well Done as the others.I wish there were more Interactions Though.

I just wanted to say that If you were Wondering about Ray 3, I managed to do some research and compiled the Last Known information about the games Development before it was cancled. which includes Screenshots and Updates. Sadly The Game is cancelled but here you go anyways. http://bit.ly/28JDmFr

Philljc, please, do not give up and try to release Ray 3! We have been waiting for about 10 years now and we did not hear anything new yet. Did you quit the series? Are you dead? Please respond!
Ray has been one of my favorite flash games ever, I really liked the concept of choosing between actions and seeing different things happen. I hope that Ray 3 will be as good or even better then the 2nd part.
Anyways, nice movie, but I can not wait for the full 3rd part! Please, remeber, you have many fans that support you and that are waiting for the 3rd part!

Shoulda continued the series...

Ray was so good!!!

Im so curious about part 2 and 3