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Reviews for "Ray - Part 3 Introduction"

"dude.....i cant wait"

dude......i cant wait.....i mean.....i love those kinda games that has a story line to it but you can choose paths....i was wondering when the real part 3 will come out....can you really do everything you said you could do?

This is why I come to newgrounds

i love the ray series, genius, has a great story now and an easy game to just start playing, but also great for those who love the violent genres.
I got ranked Hitman in Ray part 2, good job with the ranks BTW
sad to hear about the files but hope the 1 hour long ray 3 comes soon, I just can't wait, you going to be able to do everything said?

finish it now

i swear if u don't finish ray 3 soon i'm going to eat ur soul. you've had enough time to bitch about it


if this is an indication of the actual game it's gonna be sweeet i really cam't wait for this movie it's going to be awesome


Hey you rock. you are so cool.
but can i ask where you got your sounds from. The gun sounds and stuff. And on ray official website did you create those guns or did someone else.
If you sis could you post it as a flash MX 2004 file rather than a flash 8 file because i don't have flash 8.
It would be much appreciated thank-you.

ps. hope you finish making Ray 3 because that would be awesome.