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Reviews for "Viva La Vida (Acoustic)"


you can sing like a pro,you can go far man!so far.

the song is great

man this song is popular cuz my friends has a band and did da song.
the voice is very stressed... i din't know wether it was edeited or it is real man! ^_^
it is very pro man i look foreward to seeing your other songs!

Not bad at all.

For what it is, not bad at all. The acoustic guitar playing works well, and your singing is quite good. No autotuning, ftw.

If you're going to make an acoustic song, the reverb and such need to be taken down a notch, especially on the voice. Listen to the guitar and notice the reverb on it is quite dry. The voice needs to match that, otherwise it lets off an unsettling effect throughout.

There are a few pops in the recording, but there's nothing you can do except re-record, which I don't think you'd want to do so just be careful with the mic setup next time.

Watch the guitar levels, 'cause I hear hard clipping periodically (more toward the second half than the first).

Great mix, though - it's certainly above par (especially the singing), so keep it up!

seatellite responds:

thanks for the review =]
from now on, all my mixes are going to be a lot better, cause I just got Mixcraft 5, which is a HUGE amazing upgrade from Mixcraft 4, mixing and recording is so much easier now. Yeah I know it sounds reverby. I try to put on just enough, but it isn't easy. Not enough reverb makes the vocals incredibly dry, and too much makes it too echo-y. Gah >_< lol
but thank you lol

good work

keep going, i loved the voice :D