Reviews for "K&K - High Seas"

Great, you have great potential!

I have always thought that music is what makes the movie. Look at all the great movies out there, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribbean, Gladiator, ect. They all have amazing soundtracks. Your music reminds me of Hanz Zimmer's. While you may not be up at the top yet, I won't be suprised if I see you writing for some bigger movies in the future. I also am a classicalish composer, and when I listen to your stuff it really inspires me. Awsome stuff!!

Great, just so darn great.

This is another amazing songs. I'm surprised it isn't platinum yet. I think it should be. This song shows excitment and emotion. It keeps a consistent pace and always stays interesting. It is probably one of your best songs. It's name really relates to the style of this song. As always, 10 out of 10. Great Job :D

Great Pirate Theme!

Although It sounds like Metal Gear Saga a little bit.
Not a bad thing though.

Fantastic song of Epic proportions!

Well done man Amazing Battle track for a medievil based game! I can see a scene in my head for this... A small army of battle hardened warriors against overwhelming odds... And the leader stands before his men before the final showdown and sais "Brothers If we Die... We Die for the Country and families we leave behind! SHOW NO MERCY! TAKE FROM THEM EVERYTHING! and make them Remember the name of our people!" *signal armies clashing*

its really good to hear!