Reviews for "K&K - High Seas"

Very well done

I greatly enjoyed this. The samples (if you did use samples) were excellent, I loved the chord progression, and altogether, it was clear you knew what you were doing.

DEAR god,this sounds like somthing straight out of lord of the rings...epic win :P

Pretty Awesome

The problem is, i visualize no connection with the Sea. Its epic, but its nothing special. It would go good in any mideval themed game.

Original Classical Work

I LOVE Knights, and this song is well-done, too. For video game music or short movies, this music accels. For newgrounds, this song is top notch. However, I do hear some of the limitations of using a computer to make classical. I'd like to hear what you could do with an actual orchestra. It would probably be major-motion-picture-soundtrack-worthy.

Good, but made for media ventures...

This song, and this artist tottaly blows away this whole website. I think their awsome in that sence. That he has given us profesonal qulaty for the everyday anamater. But this song among many of his has the "heard-it-before syndrom". If any of you are familur with media ventures you will know what i mean...

Edgen responds:

wew hew! I guess I could take that as a compliment. Ya, I suppose the track does lend it in that style. They've got some amazing and talented musicians well beyond just trailer and epic music. I've got a LONG way to go to meet their standards :) thanks for the input.