Reviews for "K&K - High Seas"

nice, yet again!

lol, i was going to ask wat ur job was, because u dont sound like some run of the mill person making music off the program. and i saw that u do this for a living lol. i could tell because u knew exactly wat to do to make a sea sound (piraty style) which is a lot of brass with relativly simple drums. and a tiny bit of strings. u are amaizing by anymeans! u should publish this music!

This review is for all of your songs:

I can tell you must be a pro. I'm a musician (piano) myself, and I do know when someone is good. It was awsome. I'll tell you who you remind me of:

A little bit of Bruce Faulconer
Mixed with alittle bit of Lord of The Rings soundtrack
Mixed with your own originality.

So as you can see, if Bruce Faulconer (who isn't even as good as you), can become famous for his anime music, how famous could you become?

2,000th DOWNLOAD!

2,000th DOWNLOAD! yah! I was the one who made this be a 2x Platinum track! lol i love this song!

Great Track!

This has a really epic feel to it, like something outta Gladiator, or something similar. Brings to mind a heroic charge into an overwhelmingly huge army. Definitely a great song.


Beautiful composition, and it sounds a lot like it could be part of a Fire Emblem game. That's a compliment.