Reviews for "K&K - High Seas"

nice, yet again!

lol, i was going to ask wat ur job was, because u dont sound like some run of the mill person making music off the program. and i saw that u do this for a living lol. i could tell because u knew exactly wat to do to make a sea sound (piraty style) which is a lot of brass with relativly simple drums. and a tiny bit of strings. u are amaizing by anymeans! u should publish this music!

Great, you have great potential!

I have always thought that music is what makes the movie. Look at all the great movies out there, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribbean, Gladiator, ect. They all have amazing soundtracks. Your music reminds me of Hanz Zimmer's. While you may not be up at the top yet, I won't be suprised if I see you writing for some bigger movies in the future. I also am a classicalish composer, and when I listen to your stuff it really inspires me. Awsome stuff!!


After the controversial loss of Dark Lord Oblivion, I felt as though none would ever "wow" me again with such incredibly impressive skills. Indeed, I thought there would never be another Classical King worthy of DLOs supposed ability, yet I thank you for proving me wrong. It brings me absolute pleasure to listen to your works and be brought to life once more with such astounding music. You do Newgrounds a great honour providing us with such high-quality music. Thank you!

Edgen responds:

thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated.

Good, but made for media ventures...

This song, and this artist tottaly blows away this whole website. I think their awsome in that sence. That he has given us profesonal qulaty for the everyday anamater. But this song among many of his has the "heard-it-before syndrom". If any of you are familur with media ventures you will know what i mean...

Edgen responds:

wew hew! I guess I could take that as a compliment. Ya, I suppose the track does lend it in that style. They've got some amazing and talented musicians well beyond just trailer and epic music. I've got a LONG way to go to meet their standards :) thanks for the input.

Look out world! Edgen is on the high seas.

I love the dramtic feel of this piece. The title fits the mood intensively well. The drums and brass provides that grand fanfare that just screams out "Epic!". Ha, like all trailers, it builds increasely and ends dramticly. There is no doubt of the professional level all your songs possess and I applaud you on your skills. Your an inspiration to many.