Reviews for "K&K - High Seas"

sweet song!

this song has alot of action nose on it that you here. It's almost like a lord of the rings theme song!

Great, just so darn great.

This is another amazing songs. I'm surprised it isn't platinum yet. I think it should be. This song shows excitment and emotion. It keeps a consistent pace and always stays interesting. It is probably one of your best songs. It's name really relates to the style of this song. As always, 10 out of 10. Great Job :D


Hearing another musitians work as good as this, it inspires me! as a musitian myself, ill tell you right now that i look up to you. I've listened to all of your work and all i have to say is WOW! you are going to be one our great composers. if you can give me sheet for this music, i will gladly perform it with my large group ensamble! my email assress is njstroc@yahoo.com. And again, WOW!
- Nick Stroczkowski

This review is for all of your songs:

I can tell you must be a pro. I'm a musician (piano) myself, and I do know when someone is good. It was awsome. I'll tell you who you remind me of:

A little bit of Bruce Faulconer
Mixed with alittle bit of Lord of The Rings soundtrack
Mixed with your own originality.

So as you can see, if Bruce Faulconer (who isn't even as good as you), can become famous for his anime music, how famous could you become?


This piece is awe-inspiring, it brings me such pleasure to listen to it. I hope you continue to honor NG with quality entries like ALL of your audio submissions.

PS. Since you do this for a living, I assume your audio is featured in films, or you have a record out? If so, I would like to know about them.